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Body corporate meeting notices

Throughout the year, unit owners are issued with a number of body corporate meeting notices. These notices could include information related to committee meetings, voting outside of committee meetings (known as flying minutes), and the annual general meeting.

Current legislation specifies these notices must be issued within certain timeframes, which range from 7 – 21 days (including postage) from the date of the meeting. This timing ensures that unit owners and committee members have enough time to consider the contents of the notice to make informed decisions.

The information in the annual general meeting notice is essential to unit owners, as it contains details about body corporate levies for the next financial year. It also contains important details about the insurance policy held by the body corporate, statement of income and expenditure, as well as any major projects to be approved, such as painting, and the costs involved.

Committee meeting notices and flying minutes are sent to committee members and all unit owners to ensure that unit owners are given the opportunity to attend committee meetings and so that any decisions of the committee are shared with unit owners.

Below we have provided some useful information about meeting notices:

  • If unit owners are not sent notices, or they are not issued on time, the meeting and agenda items, including any decisions made could be deemed ‘invalid’
  • The notice must be issued in the correct form and include documents prescribed by the Act to be valid
  • The notice must be sent to the address for service of notices specified to the body corporate by the unit owner, or the unit owners’ formally appointed representative and recorded in the roll
  • General meeting notices must contain all information relevant to the agenda to ensure that unit owners have full access to all documentation prior to the meeting
  • The annual general meeting is perhaps the most important notice issued each year, therefore the most important to get correct
  • We understand that it is sometimes a lot of information to go through but these notices are vital to the operation of the body corporate so please take the time to read the information that is sent


This article was contributed by Teagan Gardner. Teagan is a Certified Strata Community Manager at Archers the Strata Professionals. She has worked across all facets of body corporate management, including administration, assistant management and trainee management.

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