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Best Practice / Hints & Tips

Budgeting Tips for the New Financial Year

As we head into a new financial year and Christmas rapidly approaches it is important to set yourself up financially and budget for expenses you don’t often think about – like body corporate fees. If you own an apartment or are looking to invest in one, you are required to pay body corporate fees, commonly…

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FAQ: Accessing Body Corporate Records (QLD)

A body corporate must keep particular records and allow certain people to inspect and copy those records. Section 205 of the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997 provides for this access, and the regulation modules cover the fees that will apply, a committee’s right to records, and when access to records can be refused. The information and community…

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Not Every Strata Problem is a Nail (NSW)

Or, stopping hammering by-laws and rules as the one size fits all solution… 25 years ago, I popularised by-laws as a great way to customise strata building operations. But the proliferation of strata by-laws and strata rules since then has gone too far; leading to unnecessary, inappropriate, and invalid by-laws and rules with strata stakeholders…

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Common Invalid By-Laws (QLD)

By-laws remain one of the most consistent types of enquiry we get every day and the enquirers are a very broad church. These enquiries include: – Owners wanting to know what to do about their body corporate breaching them – Resident managers about whether they can enforce by-laws (which they shouldn’t) – Bodies corporate wanting…

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Solar Approval Steps

A webinar on installation of solar in Queensland was recently held with thanks to Lookup Strata who hosted the session. The presentation focused on the step by step processes for seeking approval to install solar as either a Body Corporate or a Lot Owner, unveiling three brand new flowcharts for each of these scenarios: Installing…

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COVID-19 – Easing of restrictions and what that means for common property gyms

On 8 May 2020 the Queensland Premier outlined ‘Queensland’s Roadmap to Easing COVID-19 restrictions’.  On 1 June 2020 Stage 2 of easing restrictions came into force. One of the changes brought about by Stage 2, was gyms and health clubs could re-open for gatherings of up to 20 people. Whilst many are cheering about jumping…

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