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As communities embrace electric vehicles, safety must remain at the forefront when considering infrastructure requirements. EV charging stations safety must be discussed and mitigated where safety risk is identified. Join us as we explore how to assess the safety of your EV infrastructure, so that future planning for EV readiness includes safety considerations.

Transitioning to electric vehicles has been touted by manufacturers as a means of saving fuel costs, less reactive maintenance and a lower risk of mechanical failure. However, Bodies Corporate need to carefully consider any new risks presented if planning to provide infrastructure to recharge EV’s and decide what control measures they can and should implement.

This week we are eager to announce our expert EV Safety panellist who will speak at our upcoming education seminars across Queensland. Future infrastructure requirements for communities adopting EV’s and the known safety risks associated including charging stations and how can they be mitigated are key areas to be discussed.

Introducing Seth Atkinson, Terawatt

As Managing Director and Founder of Terawatt, Seth has a vision for innovation, a track record of leadership, and a passion for electric vehicles, Seth is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge electrical solutions that not only meet Bodies Corporate needs but also drive industry advancements. Boasting over two decades of experience as a certified electrician, Seth has excelled in various sectors, including residential, commercial, industrial, and renewable energy. His commitment to excellence extends to his team, as he prioritises their professional development through training and mentorship programs.

Terawatt is the company that actually specialises in EV charger installations – nothing else – just EV charger installations, they always put clients’ needs first by providing expert advice and personalised support tailored to each Strata building. Terawatt also specialise in LMS (Load Management Systems) for Bodies Corporate that helps monitor and control the electrical load within a building and can be integrated with renewable energy sources, such as solar panels, or battery storage systems.

Seth has an abundance of knowledge surrounding Strata communities and an unwavering dedication to the electrical industry which shines through in his advocacy for safety and technology. He tirelessly champions safety measures, ensuring the implementation of best practices to safeguard both workers and clients. His passion for emerging technologies, particularly electric vehicles (EVs) and charging infrastructure, underscores his belief in their potential to revolutionize the industry. Seth actively contributes to EV initiatives, from installing charging stations to promoting education and awareness, as well as participating in EV events and forums.

Want to hear Seth talk about what the risks of Electric Vehicle charging in Strata building are and how can they be mitigated? Seth will be speaking across ALL of our Queensland seminar regions which you can register for now:

Gold Coast– Thursday 5th Oct, 4.00pm for 4.30pm start, Southport Sharks – Register Here

Townsville– Wednesday 11th Oct, 5.00pm for 5.30pm start, Mercure Townsville – Register Here

Cairns– Thursday 12th Oct, 5.30pm for 6.00pm start, Crystalbrook Riley – Register Here

Mackay– Wednesday 18th Oct,  4.30pm for 5.00pm start, Mantra Mackay – Register Here

Sunshine Coast– Thursday 26th Oct, 4.30pm for 5.00pm start, Maroochy RSL – Register Here

Brisbane– Wednesday 1st Nov 6.00pm for 6.30pm start, The Broncos Leagues Club – Register Here

If you’re wondering who else will be joining Seth from Terawatt and Ben from HUM Energy announced last week, all will be unveiled over the coming weeks!

Smart Strata and foundation partners, Archers the Strata Professionals, deliver these community education seminar series providing education to strata communities across the state.

We look forward to seeing you there.

If you have any questions, please email

See you in October!

The Smart Strata Team

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  1. Winston Behrens

    What qualifications do these guys have and what evidence can they produce,you don’t have to be an expert on the safety issues.
    Would they be happy leaving their infant in the car while charging overnight.