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Electric Vehicles ‘State of Play’ Report

Strata Community Association (SCA) is proud to officially launch its industry-leading Electric Vehicles in Strata – Phase 1 ‘State of Play’ Report.
In response to the rapidly increasing demand for electric vehicles (EVs) in Australia, Strata Community Association (SCA) identified a critical need to investigate the significant, and unique challenges that are faced when attempting to integrate EVs into strata.
In the first of two reports, SCA’s ‘State of Play’ establishes the progress each jurisdiction throughout Australia has made towards supporting the integration of EVs into strata, ranking each state and territory government’s policy response.
Facts and statistics about EVs and Strata
• EVs are estimated to account for 49 percent of total vehicle sales in Australia by 2030, and 100 percent by 2040
• The EV market share in Australia has grown by 65 percent in 2022
• In November of 2022, EVs accounted for 4.7 percent of total vehicle sales in Australia
To ensure everyone is across this important work, we will be holding a 1-hour webinar on Tuesday 31 January 2023 at 11:30 AEDT.
Please pencil it into your diaries, with more info to follow in the new year!
For any questions on the Report, please email
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  1. Luigi Gino. Cornacchia

    I like to attend.

  2. Elaine Schnelle

    How can I access the webinar at a later time please. Maybe send it to my email pls
    Elaine Schnelle
    Anelay Apartments

  3. Winston Behrens

    You are so wrong with numbers of EVS by at least 80 percent,once people understand the real overall cost of EVS, sales will definitely fall,
    Most people will charge their cars when home from work and that would put a huge strain on the grid,apart from the huge risk of battery fires which is very common.
    There is also huge cost battery replacement some cars $30000 to $47000.and there are plans for disposal for batteries.

    1. Malcolm James Whatmore

      Yes Winston,
      People will soon wake up…Tell them they are dreaming!!

  4. David Nicholson

    I am Puzzled by Figures Quoted 49 % EV Total Sales by 2030 -100% by 2040 -Murdoch Press Motoring Writing recently tested a EV Dual Cab Ute about to be Released with 1500 KG Caravan being Towed behind it -Could NOT achieve past 150 KLM Range( normal Use 400 KLm) -So in Australia there 700,000 Registered
    Caravans -With up to 400,000 Active Caravans on the Road -With the Size of Australia Do You Think 700,000 Owners are Going to Buy a Electric
    Caror 4 Wheel Drive or Ute to Tow 150 KLm or Less ??
    David Nicholson -Calypso Towers Apartments – Chair -Coolangatta
    (I will Access the Webinar Please Advise details)

  5. John Hull

    We recently passed a motion at our AGM in relation to charging EVs in the carpark from BC power outlets sited for service use only.
    If a tenant/ owner occupier wishes to charge their EV it is forbidden to use BC power outlets, this constitutes stealing.
    Instead they are required to employ a technician to explore the possibility of installing their own metered charging station at their own expense and at no cost or responsibility to the BC

  6. Winston Behrens

    All charging of e cars must be out side the building due high fire risk

  7. Cheryl Williams

    I would like to attend.