Company Background

Liftronic began in its operations in Margate Street, Botany NSW 1985. It has grown to rival the strength of services and products of its competitors, through a relentless dedication to new technology and innovation, drawn from an integral and dependable network of the world’s leading Lift and Escalator manufacturers.

Liftronic people are the industry’s most highly regarded. Its management team is hands-on, located here in Australia, and available to respond immediately to the needs of its customers. Above all, Liftronic is imbedded with a level of integrity, which is the foundation of customer relationships that span decades.

Liftronic employs a whole-of-life philosophy to its lifts and escalators portfolio; from design, through to procurement, installation and maintenance for each asset, acting on opportunities and mitigating risk.

Liftronic have consistently demonstrated that properly planned preventative maintenance carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance protocols reduces Lift and Escalator outages and down time.