Company Background


As buildings age, issues become apparent such as corrosion, waterproofing leaks, concrete cancer and services failure. Our team have years of experience in identifying causes of failure even before they come apparent.

Multi-staged processes are generally adopted to tackle current issues and prevent future failure. Whether it be a full building concrete cancer repair or replacement of critical infrastructure and services, Plexxcon are here to guide you through the process and bring your building back to health.

Our team can be involved from first inspections / flood or water testing, through to completion of the work scope.


Older buildings have a high probability of containing hazardous products due to the materials that were historically used. When it comes time to undertake remedial or renovation works these generally need to be dealt with by removal. Our team have extensive experience in hazardous material removal to ensure the safety of workers, ongoing building users and compliant controls are fully implemented in accordance with WH&S standards. Our team are experienced with asbestos removal, lead paint and contaminated soils.


Commercial and Body Corporate managed buildings have planned projects which need to be carried out at certain ages, or when failure starts to occur. Plexxcon can implement staging or processes to complete roof replacements, façade cladding, handrail replacements or window / door upgrades whilst maintaining operation. Advice can be provided on economical and best practice options for discussion.


Planning takes place long before a project comes to fruition, and taking the wrong path can lead to excess cost and time. Our team like to take part in the Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) process, which will provide the design team our experience, guidance, and input on constructability issues. It has been proven as an effective process in achieving an economical outcome particularly in difficult to scope or highly complex projects.


Before a project can progress to documentation stage, a lot of work goes into pre-planning and budgeting to set the owners expectations and prepare for the expenditure. Our services include high level project programming, methodology writing and development, and cost planning to achieve this. Decades of experience and involvement where required from our specialist subcontractors will far exceed the initial cost for this service.


Plexxcon Remedial is a division of the main Plexxcon construction business holding an Open Class Builders Licence. This provides capability for our team to assist with larger scale projects such as facility refurbishments, extensions, compliance upgrades and other projects up to $10m in value.

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