Company Background

Water Ingress Specialist, Leak Injection, Membrane Replacement and Rectification


Our revolutionary injectable product was developed to penetrate the building structure, to STOP and SEAL where traditional water ingress products can’t reach.

Specialists on residential and commercial projects, we pride ourselves on delivering long-term results for our clients. Our product resolves tedious water ingress issues by penetrating the leak source to STOP water flow and create an airtight and water tight SEAL.

Our liquid rubber formula (patented in 152 countries) has similar viscosity to water. Our custom-made pumps push the liquid rubber through the watercourse of any sized crack or cavity. Versatile to nearly any application, we have developed multiple techniques to instantly turn the rubber from liquid to solid rubber. Our pumps enable us to control the flow of our liquid rubber through the building's structure. Pumping at high pressure (commonly thousands of PSI), we demonstrate at each injection point that the solid rubber holds an airtight and watertight seal.

The low viscosity of our product allows much deeper penetration and travel compared to any other injection product on the market. The solid form rubber provides unprecedented flexibility and adhesion characteristics which are designed to handle future expansion and contraction of the substrates far beyond the limitations of other products, and their warranties. Developed with a high content of ammonia to prevent future mould and microorganism growth.

Our nonabrasive product can safely be handled without gloves. It is environmentally friendly and EPA Approved.