Company Background

At The Lift Consultancy, we are dedicated to helping our clients make informed decisions about their vertical transportation systems. We offer a wide range of services, catering for all of your vertical transportation needs.

Our team of industry-trained professionals has extensive knowledge in the vertical transportation industry and is committed to staying up-to-date on all of the latest technologies, providing impartial, objective, unbiased advice.

Here at The Lift Consultancy (TLC), we are passionate about providing our clients with impartial specialised advice within all aspects of vertical transportation systems. Whilst vertical transportation is typically pushed down the priorities list in most buildings’ strategy planning, the reality is, that vertical transportation within any building is one of the most important assets, providing access for everybody frequenting the building.

The team at TLC has extensive experience in the vertical transportation industry, with an in-depth knowledge of the National Construction Code, Australian & European standards, equal access requirements, the latest technologies, and product costs.

TLC offers a variety of consultancy services ranging from maintenance and compliance auditing, mandatory safety inspections, design and documentation of vertical transportation modernisations, full replacements & new design, third-party fully comprehensive maintenance contracts with embedded annual auditing, evaluation of insurance claims, peer review, witness testing, feasibility studies, due diligence & capital planning.

Being an independent consultancy business, TLC prides itself in providing our clients with specialised impartial, unbiased advice and opinions, relating to all matters concerning vertical transportation systems within a building.

Our clients vary from Building Owners, Body Corporates, Property Management Companies, Insurance Companies, Engineers, and Architects. Our goal at TLC is to respond to our client’s vertical transportation needs in a timely and professional manner whilst providing consultancy services our clients will find of immeasurable value.


  1. Audits/Inspections
  2. Maintenance Contract tenders
  3. Upgrade strategy reports
  4. Upgrade Specifications and tenders
  5. New Installation Tenders
  6. Project management
  7. Due diligence and capital planning
  8. Insurance Claims Reporting and management
  9. Dispute resolution
  10. Quote verification
  11. and more