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AGM Checklist – How to Run an Effective Annual General Meeting

There are various types of meetings associated with running a strata scheme. One of the most important meetings to take place is the Annual General Meeting. At an AGM, Lot Owners have the opportunity to vote on important issues such as setting the annual levies, enter into agreements for services and electing the body corporate…

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Waterproof Membranes – How to Deal with Leaks

With the recent wild weather, strong winds and heavy rainfall making its way over parts of Queensland, many residents are left assessing water damage to their properties and preparing for clean-up. It is often in periods of heavy rainfall where the development and observation of leaks become known to the resident and the correct course…

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Top Tips for Finding Reliable Service Contractors

Finding a new service contractor can be a tricky process, particularly when you have little time to shop around. It can also pose a risk of poor results if a sub standard contractor is selected as is not always easy to judge the quality of work before it’s completed, and personal recommendations can only go…

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How to Make Reasonable Body Corporate Decisions

From time to time the Body Corporate will be placed in a position requiring a decision to be made which may or may not be considered reasonable depending on perspectives. These types of decisions include but are not limited to matters regarding; pets, improvements/renovations, enforcement of a by-law, levy payment plans/debt recovery and contract disputes.…

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