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Bulk Energy Profits

There is an emerging concern as to where to draw the line when strata managers and owners corporations are on-selling energy to residents and commercial tenants within their premises. Typically bulk electricity supply can generate savings of 25% – 40% on the total combined energy usage of the building.  Savings are typically passed on to tenants…

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Meeting Tips

I thought it suitable to provide some tips for a productive meeting: General discussion is not mentioned in the legislation so there is no explicit right for an owner to speak at a general meeting. Remove emotion from the meeting as this can cause unnecessary tension. You are there to vote not to express your…

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Quorums (QLD)

As the caretaking service contractor, I own a lot in my company name and a lot in my own name. I am also the representative for my son’s lot but he owes levies to the body corporate. If I go to the meeting, am I considered to have three votes when determining the quorum for…

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Lobbying (QLD)

Our caretaking service contractor has sent out a letter to all owners asking them to vote for certain committee candidates and to vote to extend the caretaking service contract. Is this permissible under the Act? While the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997 and its associated regulations remain silent in regards to lobbying, it…

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