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Holiday Decorations: Preventing Fire and Electrical Hazards

Christmas is just around the corner and residents are lighting up their properties in celebration. While holiday decorating is all about adding fun, warmth and a bit of sparkle to a special time of year, residents need to be aware that they can also pose potential fire risks and electrical hazards if not used correctly.…

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9 Ways to Reduce Summer Electricity Costs

During summer, shared electricity usage can skyrocket and is often among one of the largest expenses for strata managed buildings. Every year it is important for bodies corporate to review their building’s electricity usage in order to be more energy efficient and save costs. The first step in minimising energy usage is getting to know…

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7 Tips to Make Sure Your Pool Is Safe This Summer

Summer is here and swimming pools are already getting lots of good use but before you dive in, take some time to ensure your pool is compliant with new safety laws and requirements. You may have seen or heard recently that the State Government has released a new marketing campaign reminding pool owners that the…

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How to Be Storm Ready

Ready or not, storm season is upon us and it is imperative that residents prepare their properties for unexpected winds, hail and flash flooding. Unit owners face unique considerations when it comes to storm preparedness and insurance claims, so understanding their body corporate responsibilities will help stop potential damages and unnecessary repair costs to their…

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