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Commissioners Corner – Parking in Strata (QLD)

Anyone who has ever sat fuming in a traffic jam or circled a shopping centre car park waiting for a parking opportunity would appreciate the frustrations that car parking can bring. Needless to say, the issue of parking and vehicles more generally on a community titles scheme is one that we regularly encounter at the…

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Towing Vehicles (QLD)

One of the common matters causing disputes in Bodies Corporate is the regulation of car parking upon common property and the power (or in some instances lack thereof) of the Body Corporate to arrange for the towing of vehicles from common property. It is important to note that one size does not fit all when…

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Commissioners Corner – Who is Responsible for…? (QLD)

As Commissioner, one of the most common phrases I have seen and heard in either information enquiries or dispute resolution applications is “who is responsible for…?” The idea of ‘responsibility’ is at the heart of so many body corporate matters and this is particularly so when it comes to the roles and responsibilities of accommodation…

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Committee Roles Explained

Ever thought about joining a Body Corporate Committee but not sure what’s involved? In this article we will explain in simple terms, the duties and functions of each positon. But first, we provide a brief background to the where the Committee starts. The Body Corporate is required to elect a Committee at each Annual General…

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