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Communal Living – Christmas Survival Guide

Well, it’s that time of year again – will there be Christmas Cheer or Tears? It is the time of year where we put aside our differences and disputes over dogs barking or the neighbouring apartment smoking. Instead, we take the opportunity to argue about Christmas lights on balconies, parties that run until the early…

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Property Sales FOMO

The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is heightened amongst property owners in South East Queensland at the moment. Growth that we haven’t seen for decades continues to baffle and amaze everyone I talk to. The hot question of course being: “Should I sell now to take advantage of this growth?” Of course, the various responses…

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Revisiting the Amendments

New regulation modules came into effect on 1 March 2021. As with most things new, completely smooth sailing is unlikely in the beginning – there are bound to be a few small waves at first.For the most part, however, judging from interactions the transition has proven to be relatively straightforward. There have been a couple…

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Are you ready for storm season?

Summertime is historically the peak period for storm season so now is the time to get prepared.  Intense weather events can occur with very little notice (if any at all) and when they hit, it is usually with devastating consequences. Storm and particularly cyclone damage can leave a long-term impact both financially and emotionally for…

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