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Seminar Wrap-Up

Last week saw the last stop of our Community Education Seminars roadshow, finishing up at the Greek Club in South Brisbane. Like the previous 5 seminars, the debate was received well by all in attendance. Jason Carlson (Grace Lawyers), Trevor Rawnsley (ARAMA), and Mario Esera (HWL Ebsworth) delivered their respective viewpoints and strategies for achieving…

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Election Rejection – What Now?

Is it too soon to reflect upon the Federal Election and its connection to strata? Call us sadistic if you will, the fact remains, we find the most fascinating part of Election Night the concession speeches. It is in those moments where the candidates shed the weeks, months and years of carefully prepared talking points…

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Strata Community Education Seminar Live Stream

For those of you that missed our recent Strata Community Education seminar or would like to re-watch and/or pass it on to friends, colleagues or committee members our live stream edition of the Brisbane seminar is now available for you to view.

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Harassment, bullying and abuse – a body corporate perspective

The Office of the Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management (BCCM Office) sometimes receives dispute resolution applications that raise emotive and concerning claims of harassment, bullying or abuse. When people disclose these personal experiences, it is clear that these difficulties and challenges would benefit from a resolution. However, under current legislation, there is no…

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