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Storm Season Readiness

Ready or not, storm season is upon us, and it is imperative that residents prepare their properties for unexpected winds, hail, and flash flooding. Unit owners face unique considerations when it comes to storm preparedness and insurance claims, so understanding their body’s corporate responsibilities will help stop potential damages and unnecessary repair costs to their…

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Commissioners Appointment & Survey

I have recently been permanently appointed to the role of Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management. I am fortunate to have been with the office since 2008 both as a conciliator and in recent years as Manager, Conciliation Services. Given my background in our dispute resolution services I have seen some of the challenges…

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Cleaning Vehicles on Common Property

Within a Community Title Scheme (yes, I am referring to your “body corporate”) this is a very common statement that we hear often from people – “But I don’t use it, so why should I have to pay for it?”. Some recent examples of this statement are: I don’t use the swimming pool – why…

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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

On Father’s Day 2022, I laid a bet with my (77 years) old man – that within 3 to 5 years sales of electric vehicles in Australia would overtake sales of fossil-fuelled vehicles. As with many Baby Boomers, Dad simply could not believe that all of us Gen X, Y, Z, and I types, would…

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