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By-Laws Seminar Series – Video Released

For those of you that missed our recent Strata Community Education seminar or would like to re-watch and/or pass it on to friends, colleagues or committee members our online edition of the Sunshine Coast seminar is now available for you to view.

In this seminar series our panel of strata experts explored:

What are by-laws?
Why are they necessary?
How are by-law breaches reported?
Who are the by-law police?
When should you just “Love Thy Neighbour” instead?

When it comes to disputes in strata communities, the top 4 strata issues we hear most about are illegal parking, noisy/large pets, noise disturbances from Air BnB guests, and passive smoke drift from balconies.

Are by-laws the answer to avoiding or resolving these issues? Join us by watching below as we put a spotlight on this important topic and uncover the answers to your by-law questions.

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SUNSHINE COAST STRATA COMMUNITY EDUCATION SEMINAR hosted by Grant Mifsud, Partner, Archers the Strata Professionals

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