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Australasian Strata Insights 2020 Report Released

In 2020, SCA have again partnered with UNSW City Futures to deliver comprehensive data on the strata sector in Australasia. The data this year now extends to New Zealand.

This report is an analysis of the state of the strata industry. It includes figures on the numbers of strata schemes (plans) and lots (units), the estimated numbers of people employed in the strata management industry and the estimated value of property owned under strata title.

The report contains visual resources with this interactive map showing the historical progression of strata schemes registered across Australia and New Zealand. Click the map to see how strata developments have become a prominent part of our housing landscape since 1961

This report will provide valuable information for SCA’s advocacy on behalf of the strata industry, for academics undertaking research on the industry, and for the broader strata community. Please click here to read the report in full.


This information was first published by the Strata Community Association (QLD) on 30 June 2020.

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