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Caretaker disputes

Body corporate disputes involving caretakers can generate considerable confusion and frustration. Our interactions with clients indicate that further clarification of the options available to resolve caretaker disputes and the legal requirements for termination would be helpful. In this article, we will highlight what the relevant legislation says about terminating an engagement and what steps the…

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No extension required for your late community management statement

My daughter was born 7 days late. Since then she has effortlessly maintained a strict regime of unpunctuality. Last term, her tardy approach to scholarly, musical and sporting endeavours was punctuated with a late paroxysm of activity. Then, like an elastic band after having reached its maximum tension threshold, she catapulted back to her natural…

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The Top 5 Mistakes Committees Make When Enforcing By-Laws

By-laws. We talk about them a lot – how they get reviewed, registered, enforced, or challenged. They are complicated and complex. Which means mistakes get made. Read on for our top 5 mistakes committees make when enforcing by-laws. Have you even looked at this flowchart for by-law enforcement? It’s great because it gives the idiot’s…

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Reviewing Caretaker Remuneration

We get a lot of questions from resident managers and committees about caretaking remuneration and the ability to change it. Quite often there are misconceptions that the resident manager is a type of employee. That is not the case. The typical management rights arrangement is a contract for service in which the service provider performs…

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