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Management Rights Top Ups

Can management rights agreements be “topped-up” more than once? It is current industry practice for managers to ‘top-up’ the term of their management rights agreement when it falls below the statutory term limitation prescribed by legislation. It is also common ground and accepted that the total unexpired term of the management rights agreements cannot extend…

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Policing COVID Compliance

Who polices compliance with COVID-19 public health directions in a strata community? I had hoped that my reflections on change and resilience would be the last article I wrote on the topic of COVID-19.  However, it remains at the front of everyone’s minds with NSW coming out of lockdown, Victoria going into lockdown, and Queenslanders…

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Energy Strategy in Strata – Case Study

The Future of Energy in Strata The energy landscape within strata title communities is often overlooked, difficult to navigate, and expensive. The conversation to define your Energy Strategy is more important now, than ever before.   What is Energy Strategy in Strata? Energy Strategy for strata title communities (Strata) is the collaborative process of planning,…

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Strata Rules, By-Laws & Covenants

Strata rules, by-laws, and covenants have had a bad rap recently. But, they still offer the strata experts and DIY strata owners the best tools to customise [or even hot-rod] their strata buildings to make them perform better than standard models. Vroom vroom … Introduction Strata building rules, by-laws, and covenants are a fundamental part…

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