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Body Corporate vs Body Corporate Manager – Roles and Responsibilities

Are you unsure on the role of a body corporate manager as opposed to the body corporate? Strata Community Association (QLD) has created a guide differentiating the roles and responsibilities of body corporate managers and a body corporate. The guide can be kept as a handy reference for committee members and be distributed to owners and residents to ensure that requests and queries reach the right person.


This guide was first published by SCA QLD on 24 September 2020

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  1. Mischa Fahl.

    This is an excellent article, thank you. Could I request that you provide a similar article on the role of the BC versus that of the Caretaker? It would be incredibly useful, many thanks, Dr Mischa Fahl.

  2. ThishThomas

    As per previous request as this is often an area of contention.

  3. Carol WELSH

    Yes Mischa, I too would be very interested in BC vs Caretaker

  4. Johannes Kock

    A Similar article on the respective roles of the body corporate and the caretaker would be very useful.

  5. stephen mortensen

    I wondered if there is a similar article that states who the caretaker works for. The owners directly or the BC committee.