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Commissioners Web Content Structure – Committees and Meetings

As you may know, we are doing research to improve our web content structure. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to use.

Thanks again to those of you who have already helped in our other activities.

Please help us finalise the structure for our information about committees and meetings, which is the last piece of the puzzle.

How you can help
You can assist by doing a short activity where you are given scenarios. For each, you show us where you think you would find the required information.

It is not a test of your ability, but will help us see if our new layout will make sense to our audience. It is completely anonymous and you can do it at any time of day.

Full instructions are provided when you begin, but if you have any questions email

How long it will take
It should take about 10 minutes to complete the activity.

Please share
If you are a body corporate manager or secretary, we encourage you to share this survey with the members of your body corporate. We aim to get as many participants as possible.

When it closes
Please complete this activity by 9:00am, 29 January 2018.

Survey link
Complete the survey now.

Thank you for your participation.

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