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Community Education Seminars – Series Summary October 2021

Our latest round of Community Education Seminars were held all over Queensland this month, delivering the latest information on a wide range of strata-related topics.

These topics ranged from committee code of conduct and reasonable decision-making to the insurance/reinsurance pool update in North Queensland, as well as covering issues such as electric vehicle charging stations, bulk utilities and water sub-metering.

Hosted by Smart Strata foundation Partner Archers the Strata Professionals, the sessions featured a range of expert presenters who presented their views on these topics.

If you missed out on these sessions and want to find out more, follow the link below to receive a copy of your region’s presentation.

Seminar Presentations – All Regions

We would like to thank the exhibitors for their ongoing support and for providing guests with networking opportunities before and after the sessions. These are:

Thank you to all of our presenters and guest speakers, and everyone who was able to attend!


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  1. Michael Bradburn

    Hi Can you outline a list of education sessions available on the Sunshine coast and Brisbane please.

    New Unit owner for the first time