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Community Education Seminars – Wrap Up!

Our latest round of Community Education Seminars were held all over Queensland this month, delivering the latest information on recent legislative changes.

These changes relate to committee and general meeting processes ranging from voting rights to nomination entitlements along with many other procedural changes including new disclosure obligations.

Hosted by Smart Strata foundation Partner Archers the Strata Professionals, the sessions featured five strata law experts who presented their views on the changes.

If you missed out on these sessions and want to find out more, follow the link below to receive a copy of your region’s presentation.

We would like to thank the exhibitors for their ongoing support and for providing guests with networking opportunities before and after the sessions. These are:




This article was contributed by Grant Mifsud – Partner, Archers the Strata Professionals.

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  1. Raymond Mchenry

    Good info from a concerned strata resident