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COVID-19 Lot Owner Best Practice Guide

Whether you’re a landlord, owner occupier, committee or a building manager, here’s what you need to know about preparedness, communication and resident safety during the COVID-19 outbreak. The guide answers many questions unique to strata communities including:

  1. Are residents required to disclose to the Strata Community if they are self quarantined or infected?
  2. Should I disclose to the Strata Community that I am self-isolating and/or have been ordered to self-isolate?
  3. Should I disclose to the Strata Community that I have been infected with COVID-19?
  4. What type of Policies may the Committee create?
  5. What if I have pets?

Click Here to download the full guide now.


Alternatively, if you are a Building Manager, the following version has further information applicable to your role:
Apartment Living & COVID-19 Best Practice Guideline BUILDING MANAGERS


This guide was prepared by Strata Community Association (Qld)

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