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Guide for Managing Body Corporate Building Defects

Building defects continue to be an issue, and source of dispute, for bodies corporate.

In attempt to address this increasing issue, the new body corporate regulations – introduced in Queensland on 1 March – now place greater obligations on builders, developers and bodies corporate to make sure building defects are identified and rectified in a timely basis.

In response to these new body corporate regulations and the increasing number of body corporate building defects, a “Guide for managing body corporate building defects” has been created which provides committee members and body corporate managers with important information on the body corporate’s legal position in relation to building defects.

READ on to learn more about the areas this guide covers and access to a copy:

The Guide for Managing Body Corporate Building Defects covers:

· what is a building defect;

· the body corporate’s rights

· the body corporate’s obligations;

· where the developer fits in;

· taking action against the builder;

· the role of the QBCC;

· the role of the caretaker;

· the role of body corporate manager; and

· time frames for taking action.

A copy of our Guide for Managing Body Corporate Building Defects can be found here.

This article was contributed by Todd Garsden · Partner, Mahoneys

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