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Ho Ho….Oh No! – Christmas Party Safety Tips

The festive season is upon us and it’s no surprise that this time of year is typically when parties in strata complexes are most common. While Christmas parties are often relaxed and enjoyable occasions, sometimes the sociable atmosphere and presence of alcohol can lead to risky behaviours and things getting a little out of hand. It’s the resident’s responsibility to ensure the health, safety and welfare of guests during the event – as well as making sure everyone has a good time.

If you are hosting a Christmas party this season, Archers have some handy tips to ensure it remains a safe and enjoyable occasion for all:

• Plan your party with careful consideration of other residents and inform them of the date and time it will commence
• Check your by-laws as you can expect there will be a reference to noise. Often noise which disturbs the peaceful enjoyment of other residents is not permitted
• Be mindful of cooking and activities that may set off the smoke alarms or pose fire risks
• Ensure decorations are not going to be a trip hazard
• Maintain responsible service of alcohol and food
• Consider limiting the number of party guests and finishing your party at a reasonable hour
• Throughout the party monitor music and sound levels
• If guests will be drinking make arrangements in advance for them to get home safely
• If you intend on using common facilities such as the pool, BBQ, or tennis court, it is important to be aware that there may be special rules regarding the use of these facilities. Restrictions are usually put in place to ensure the safety of others for example; no glass allowed in pool areas
• If your party involves the use of a balcony, avoid overloading with too many people. Do not allow guests to engage in excessive jumping, dancing or climbing on the balcony and make sure they do not lean on the railings

This article was contributed by Senior Associate Strata Community Manager Eddie Verevis. Eddie has been working in the Strata Management industry since 1998 and has extensive experience within the Cairns and Port Douglas regions. Eddie currently successfully manages a varied portfolio, which includes large mixed use buildings, residential buildings and commercial buildings.

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