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Is your lift NBN ready?

The National Broadband Network (NBN), is a Federal Government initiative which aims to provide Australians with access to high speed broadband by upgrading Australia’s existing telecommunication network.

Under this initiative, fibre to the premises will be rolled out on a region by region basis. Once your region is declared NBN ready, you have 18 months to move your landline phone and internet services to the fibre based system. That means the disconnection of the traditional copper communication network has already commenced or will commence shortly.

A quick way to check when your Area will be changing over to the NBN is by visiting the site below which allows you to enter your Address and then provides you with an expected Date the NBN will be rolling out in your region.

The change affects your emergency elevator phone as this will also need to be connected to the NBN. In the event the emergency phone service is not migrated off the copper network prior to the disconnection, it could present significant risk to the building occupants or elevator passengers in the event of an emergency.

To clarify, the Lift is not connected to the NBN, it is a standalone product that is provided to bypass the NBN due to it not being on battery backup. In general terms, the end user, that is the building manager/or the owner is responsible for ordering the telecommunication services including fire alarm and elevator emergency phone for the migration of the services.

With this in mind, there are a few options available to Lot Owners on which way there building should go. At present, some Elevator Companies are offering the option of single and dual sims. It is expected that the Lift Code will change in the near future, which will force customers with a single sim to upgrade to a dual sim.

We have decided to offer to all our clients a quotation for dual sim to ensure when the Lift Code does change in the future, the lift already meets code. Another reason we also only offer the dual sim is in the event of a telco outage, the unit isn’t just relying on one Sim Card with the Sim Cards testing each other daily so ensure that the phone is performing at optimum levels.

One of the benefits of the Lift Phone change to NBN is the elimination of a grey area that occurrs with Lift Companies and Telco companies when issues arise regarding a faulty phone/faulty phone line. In the past, if there was a fault with the phone the lift technician would attend site to test the phone. An issue would arise when the technician advised the Owner that problem was with the phone line and the Telco would attend site then advise that it was an Elevator Issue. Once the upgrade is complete, this issue will not occur anymore as the Elevator technician can swap the sim card in the NBN GSM unit with their own sim card and determine straight away if the issue is Telco or Elevator Service Provider.

This article was contributed by Matthew Lycakis of thyssenkrupp Elevator Australia.

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