Company Background

Strongcast pty. ltd. specializes in cutting-edge products for utilities, focusing on smart AMI and AMR technologies to reduce water losses.

With decades of field experience, we offer tailored solutions from consultation to product design and development.

Our services include AMI-AMR, Training & Support, Design & Manufacturing, Ensuring successful metering upgrades, Installations and Reliable remote reading and data.

Our Services 

  • Smart water meter technology
  • Water metering solutions
  • Advanced water metering systems
  • IoT water meters
  • Utility water metering
  • Digital water metering
  • Remote water meter monitoring
  • Water meter data analytics
  • Smart metering infrastructure
  • Wireless water meters
  • Automated meter reading (AMR)
  • Water consumption monitoring
  • Meter data management (MDM)
  • Real-time water usage tracking
  • Smart utility meters
  • Cloud-based metering solutions
  • Water metering sensors
  • Leak detection systems
  • Metering infrastructure as a service (MIaaS)
  • Water conservation solutions

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