Company Background

Delta Temp Climate Solutions is your dedicated partner for superior commercial air-conditioning solutions on the vibrant Sunshine Coast.

With an unwavering commitment to quality, reliability, and utmost client satisfaction, we bring extensive experience to every project we undertake. Our approach goes beyond mere business transactions – we establish ourselves as your strategic ally, meticulously ensuring the optimum comfort and productivity within your commercial spaces.

Our ethos centres around fostering connections that extend beyond projects, focusing on your unique needs and long-term success. We consider each project an opportunity to showcase our technical mastery and deliver an individualised touch, a testament to our belief in tailoring solutions as unique as your business. Experience the discernible Delta Temp distinction – where genuine care and expertise redefine your air-conditioning experience

  • Air-Conditioning repairs
  • Commercial Air-Conditioning installations
  • Commercial Air-Conditioning repairs
  • Preventative maintenance