Company Background

The Storage Box is what you need when it comes to storage in your parking space. With our Over bonnet carpark storage solution, we MAXIMISE UNUSED SPACE in your car space or garage area without reducing the parking space available for your vehicle!

The Storage Box over Bonnet Storage Cabinets has been specifically designed to utilize the un-used space above your car bonnet or boot when your car is parked. A highly effective storage solution to safely store a range of items such as luggage, fishing, camping and sports gear, tools and household/beach items, all out of site!

The storage box can be installed in Apartments, Units, Duplex, Townhouses, Home garages for a neat and tidy compact look; multiple units can be placed back-to-back or side by side, depending on the space available.

If you live or own an Apartment/Unit/Duplex in a building utilize your designated parking area provided, by giving yourself extra storage space in your parking spot by installing The STORAGE BOX OVER BONNET LOCKABLE CABINET.