Company Background

Smart Water Metering - providing water metering solutions and maintenance for body corporate owned sub-water meters for residential and commercial properties. Including sub-water metered complexes built before 2008.

End-to-end solutions are available for the installation of smart water meters to receiving an invoice.

  1. Upgrading to compliant sub-water metering.
  2. Property share percentage billing
  3. Body corporate all consumption. (BCAC)
  4. Proposal for the administration of utility services. (BCAC, water meter billing management).
  •  Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) - Automatically collect real-time accurate reads, data and consumption from your water meter.  The AMR can send data to a nominated monitoring and billing company.  Our team is able to maintain and calibrate many different types of AMR including upgrades of faulty AMR.
  •  Retrofit - We can retrofit water meters to most existing buildings and add other devices such as leak detection, automatic water supply shut off, and monitoring.
  • Body Corporates - Our testing can provide accurate reads for billing of water consumption for both lot owners and common waterAlso diagnosing faults in water meters and remote digital readers. Providing Automatic meter reader (AMR)) services.
  • Stata Managers - Making asset management and collecting data more efficient by monitoring water consumption accurately and fairly, from a central database.
  • Complex audits - Conducting tests on water meters, ensuring they are accurate, and updating new found reads. Also completing final reads for tenants and property owners moving in or out.
  • Ultrasonic Smart Water Meters - Collecting reads quickly & accurately giving customers peace of mind that their bills are accurate. Also offering meter reading for hot & cold water consumption, data shared by a hosted server. Meters are WATERMARKED & NATIONAL MEASUREMENT INSTITUTE (NMI) approved..

Other services for:

  • Developers -  We use the latest equipment in measuring and monitoring which allows the system to measure the building's water consumption from a centralized reader panel or remotely.
  • Hydraulic Consultants - Incorporating in the design of new builds, smart water metering & AMR.

Smart Water Metering was created to give lot owners a solution to individual apartment water management, helping clients pay for what they use in regards to their water consumption and billing.

From new developments to existing buildings we can customise or retrofit a water metering system to suit your requirements.

All Smart Water Metering equipment is industrial grade and complies with local design and construction codes and the National Measurement Institute. And the AMR we use is listed on the Infrastructure Products and Materials (IPAM) register. All our technicians are qualified, using product-specific calibrating tools to maintain and install systems.

Questions answered regarding:

  •   Complexes built before 2008 with sub-water meters.
  •   Body corporate all consumption (BCAC) owned and managed.

Additional services.

  • Smart home water monitoring and leak detection systems.




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