Company Background

ENM Solutions’ primary function is to provide solutions for Embedded Networks.

Electrical Embedded Networks are a simple and effective way of producing additional funds for Owners, Owners Corporations, Body Corporates, Building Managers, Developers and Embedded Network Operators. A well planned, managed and executed network can be the difference between a surplus that improves your site and a constant uphill battle.

We provide independent consultancy and metering solutions for Embedded Networks, as well as fulfilling the Embedded Network Manager (ENM) role for sites across the National Electricity Market (NEM).

We are not an Embedded Network Operator – which means we do not provide billing services. Our services are independent, meaning you won’t have to worry about your sites being poached and continually worrying about what information you provide being used against you.

If you want to find out more about Embedded Networks and the on-sell process, visit our website for a detailed explanation.

Your Independent Embedded Network Manager (ENM)
ENM Solutions can help you by fulfilling the regulatory requirement of appointing an Embedded Network Manager (ENM) for your site. We are dedicated to providing Embedded Network Management services across the NEM, leaving you time and money to concentrate on your role and enjoy the benefits of the network.

On-Selling Utilities

On-selling of utilities is not limited to electricity in an Embedded Networks. Frequently, sites are benefiting from on-selling of Circulating Hot Water (Gas or Electric), Cold Water and Gas. If managed correctly, a site can recover the full cost of a utility by correctly charging customers. This can have a dramatic effect on the financial situation of a site.

Energy Strategy

Energy Strategy for strata title communities (Strata) is the collaborative process of planning, executing, adapting, and managing energy infrastructure, investment, and compliance requirements for the future. Our expertise in defining your Energy Strategy ensures your Strata is not only prepared to address these challenges, but to optimise the value and opportunities they present.