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Strata Jargon – Learning the Basics

People that are involved in strata matters often find they come across many new terms and jargon that are regularly used in documents and discussions. On occasion this strata lingo can be confusing even to those who have had years of experience in dealing with strata matters. This is due to the broad-range of subjects…

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Glass Breakage in Strata – What to do?

Glass breakage in strata buildings is not only inconvenient but can pose a number of safety concerns to strata residents. Glass often covers large areas of a building’s external surface and is a crucial part of a building’s overall structure, yet it is also a commonly overlooked element. If a resident is aware of glass…

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How to Prevent Common Disputes

In every strata scheme there are a set of governing by-laws. These by-laws serve a variety of purposes including; protecting residents from harm and potential hazards, ensuring building processes run smoothly and maintaining a harmonious and dispute-free community. If you are involved in strata, it is important to familiarize yourself with your scheme’s by-laws in…

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Quick Guide: Smoking in Strata

The government-commissioned QUT review of property law has asked Queenslanders to give their feedback on smoking in strata schemes. Interest in the topic was sparked after findings indicated that smoke drift from balconies or courtyards can settle in adjoining units and townhouses. The second-hand smoke forces neighbouring residents to close their doors and windows to…

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