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Strata Community Association – Education Spreads its Wings

It is essential that the Strata industry has educated, knowledgeable and prepared volunteers to successfully lead communities.

To better assist key stakeholders, an education program for the purpose of encouraging Committee members and lot owners to better understand the purpose and functions of their community, has been developed.

Along with this educational program, Committee members and lot owners also have the opportunity to join the SCA Owners Chapter. Membership to the Owners Chapter will provide many opportunities to access information on: networking with other committees, Best Industry practices, Risk Management, Essential Services etc.

If you own or live in a Strata Community this course is definitely for you. You will learn about the structure of a Strata Community, the roles and responsibilities of Strata Managers, Committee members and the obligations of lot owners.

The focus is on good governance and how it helps a Strata Committee achieve compliance with Strata legislation and meet the expectation of the stakeholders. Whether you are taking up the responsibility of a committee role for the first time or you are an experienced Committee member looking to refresh your knowledge.

Smart Strata is excited to share this industry knowledge with Committee members and lot owners around Australia.

For an investment of $50.00 per unit you can participate in the course, which will also give you automatic membership to the SCA Owners chapter.

If you would like to find out when this Committee training will be available in your state then please register with Carole Anderson at SCA National Education on:

These classes are limited to 20 per session so we encourage you to register your interest quickly.

This article was contributed by Carole Anderson – SCA National Education.  

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