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The Importance of Record Keeping

When it comes to fire safety, compliance is essential, not optional. That is why it is integral your building or apartment fully complies with record keeping requirements.

As an owner of a building or ‘responsible person’ of the premises, it is your responsibility to ensure that all fire safety facilities, equipment, and devices are maintained in efficient, working order. This is performed through the keeping of accurate records. Ultimately, record keeping assists your building in proving compliance and meeting your legal responsibilities.

Records must be logged following inspections, tests, and routine maintenance of any of the equipment items required under current legislation. Your Fire Maintenance Contractor is obliged to supply servicing records that comply with standards. These include:

  • Paper Based Summary
  • Log Books
  • Electronic Log

These records must be available if the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) or your insurance agency require them.

A copy of plans, servicing records and prescribed documents must be kept in the building and safe from the effects of fire. Defined by the Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008, a prescribed document is:

  • A record of a review of a fire and evacuation plan
  • A fire and evacuation instruction record
  • An evacuation practice record
  • A record of maintenance

Routine Maintenance records and prescribed documents must be kept for at least two years, including records created prior to the introduction of the Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008. Documents may be stored electronically, as long as they are available for inspection when requested.

This article was contributed by Olympic Fire Services.

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