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Top Tips for Finding Reliable Service Contractors

Finding a new service contractor can be a tricky process, particularly when you have little time to shop around. It can also pose a risk of poor results if a sub standard contractor is selected as is not always easy to judge the quality of work before it’s completed, and personal recommendations can only go so far. Therefore exercising due diligence prior to making a selection is essential for choosing the right contractor for the job, regardless of any previous relationships the potential contractor may have with interested parties. It’s important to engage a contractor who acts professionally and has sufficient experience. By completing due diligence prior to engaging a contractor, you will be in a position to provide a higher level of protection for the body corporate and all residents. If you are considering the engagement of a new service contractor, we suggest you consider our top tips as follows:

  • Is the service contractor a registered business? – This can easily be established by looking up and cross checking the contractor’s Australian Business Number (ABN). This is especially important when a contractor is claiming GST for work they are performing.
  • Are they licensed to complete the service they are providing? – Depending on the type of work to be performed, a contractor is legally required to possess current relevant licenses. If you’re employing a contractor that does not require a licence, check that they are a member of their industry’s professional or peak body. This will demonstrate the contractor’s willingness to conform to industry standards.
  • Do they have the relevant insurances? – In addition to the required licences, contractors should also have up-to-date public liability, professional indemnity and other types of insurance as a condition of completing work in their industry. These policies should also include cover for any workers they employ.
  • Can they provide a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS)? – Depending on the type of work, a contractor should be able to provide a SWMS to ensure they are committed to completing the work safely and with minimal risk.
  • Does the contractor have any references? – Written references are a useful indication of credibility however, you should also call any referee provided and ask questions about their experience, when the work was completed and if they have any ongoing association with the contractor.

This article was contributed by Kaila Long. Kaila has been with the Archers team since 2013, and has been involved in the Strata industry since 2008. She successfully manages a varied portfolio that includes both residential and commercial buildings.

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  1. Mia Evans

    I totally agree when you said that the contractor should have a license and insurance coverage that is up-to-date to ensure that their workers are covered. I think this is important when you are looking for luxury commercial contracting services to ensure that you are paying for services that are trustworthy. Since they are luxurious, you might be paying more than the usual, so it is your prerogative to also have the assurance that you are protected from additional expenses in the process.