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Clean and well-maintained ventilation systems play a vital role in ensuring a healthy and comfortable living environment for residents and guests.

Regular maintenance improves indoor air quality and prevents potential issues such as fire and health risks, poor airflow, unpleasant odours, overheating, and, in some cases mould growth. Let’s explore some ways in which the Body Corporate can effectively maintain ventilation systems in apartment buildings and promote a clean and fresh atmosphere for residents and guests.

Stay Informed:

Stay up to date with Government regulations and guidelines related to the servicing of ventilation systems. Compliance with standards ensures the safety of residents. BCCM advises the Body Corporate inspects the system and removes any build-up that has accumulated over time to reduce risk.

Conduct Inspections:

Scheduling routine inspections of the ventilation system will identify potential issues early on. Check for signs of blockage, or damage to the ductwork, vents, control dampers, and roof exhaust fans.

Implement A Preventative Maintenance Program:

Develop a preventative maintenance program that includes the cleaning of all ventilation ductwork and other system components. Routine deep-cleaning helps maintain optimal performance and prevents the build-up of contaminants.

Address Air Moisture Concerns:

Excessive air moisture in bathroom and ensuite areas can lead to mould growth and compromise indoor air quality. Inspect any areas prone to air moisture build-up and ensure ventilation is adequate.

Focus on Removing Risk:

Clogged vents, control dampers, diffusers and ventilation ductwork restrict airflow and lead to poor ventilation. This build-up creates risk within the system and must be removed. Always engage a specialised cleaning contractor to remove potential fire or health risks.

Ensure Adequate Ventilation is Present in Common Areas:

Common areas such as indoor recreational and wet areas as well as toilet facilities should also be checked to ensure adequate ventilation and odour control are met. These additional areas would be included in your preventative maintenance program along with apartments.

Damaged, or Broken System Fittings:

Air vents and control dampers are an integral part of the system. Over time these can become prone to corrosion and damage from sea air. To keep pace with new builds (that provide residents and guests with fresh air), installing new system components during the deep-clean is the most cost-effective way in managing an upgrade.

Engage a Professional:

Always engage professional contractors who specialise in cleaning and maintaining ventilation systems for apartment buildings. It is not uncommon for buildings to have no preventative maintenance programs in place for these systems. In some instances, the ventilation systems have never been cleaned since construction (some in excess of 30+ years.)

Promote a healthy and comfortable living environment by implementing a preventative maintenance program at 2-4 years.

By prioritising this maintenance, apartment buildings can provide residents and guests with a fresh and inviting atmosphere year-round.

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This article was contributed by Roy Bostock, SafeAir Industrial Services.

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