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Welcome to 2018 to all our subscribers

Already, the year has kicked off in a busy fashion for my Office, with high demand for both information and dispute resolution services.  We had a record number of dispute resolution applications in 2016-17, and this current financial year is already on track to ‘better’ that result.

This tells me that the need for timely information to help our clients to be aware of their rights, responsibilities, and roles, is more crucial than ever. With that in mind, we will be looking to issue our Common Ground updates more frequently in 2018, targeted to single-issue topics or announcements.

Also in 2018 we’ll be rolling out our webinar program. With over 460,000 individual lots in Queensland – and that number growing – webinars will increasingly become our best method for reaching as many people as possible. Stay tuned for details of how to be involved.

I appreciate that face-to-face interaction remains the preference for many of our clients, so we are currently in the process of formulating a series of seminars to be held in a variety of locations. We’ll keep you posted via Common Ground about locations, times, topics, and how to register your interest in attending.

Finally, I want to let you all know that I’ll be moving to a different role in the near future.  I’ll be taking up an academic placement for approximately six months and, in that placement, looking at service delivery and how it works for varied client groups – a topic of great interest and relevance for my Office. An Acting Commissioner will be appointed for the duration and I look forward to sharing details of that with you shortly.

This Article was contributed by Chris Irons, Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management

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  1. paul martinez

    Is there any move afoot to empower a body corporate/chair to issue “on-the- spot”type tickets for parking in the wrong place,smoking in the wrong place,garbage disposal in the wrong place,nuisance etc.If not ,there should be.Of course,not all those would proceed in exactly the same way.but there really needs to be some easy pathway to peace ,order & good governance which bites,with consequence.The “fine” would go to the lot owner’s levies ,and end up getting paid,one way or another.