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What Makes a Great Strata Community?

A great strata community is what every purchaser desires when they buy into strata. Strata communities are varied in size and structure and each property is part of a unique environment. There are many positive benefits of strata living but occasionally, complying with some of the comprehensive legal requirements can be a challenge. Being part of a great community means you and other members of the Body Corporate face these challenges head on and with a collective goal in mind – to make your scheme a pleasant community for all. Successful community living will have a demonstrated history of addressing maintenance concerns and resolving all issues raised by Lot Owners in a timely and reasonable manner. The best way to make sure your strata community stays great is through direct involvement and consideration for the changing needs of residents. Below we have provided a few tips on how you can help build a great strata community and contribute to creating a harmonious space for all:

• Showing interest in the proceedings required of a Body Corporate to make decisions – get to know the parameters so the decision can be made with efficiency
• Commitment to education: educating yourself on the rights and obligations of Lot Owners and Residents – managing realistic expectations is a whole lot easier than managing assumed entitlements
• Practice tolerance and patience to different opinions and different understandings of priorities
• Ask your Strata Manager for professional advice on any community matters – a good Strata Manager should always be able to provide an unbiased base for difficult decisions
• As in every community – it is never about winning, a good compromise and happy residents has no losers
• Work with the understanding that all parties are trying to achieve the best outcome for the community
• Last but not least: keep communication channels open at all times, be respectful and request the same from others

This article was contributed by Frank Griesau. Frank has been in the Strata Management Industry since 2010. In 2014 Frank moved into the position of Townsville Branch Manager where he successfully oversees the day to day running of the office and management of the varied Townsville portfolio.

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