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Over 50 Committee Course Challenges have been completed so far which is a great result and we thank-you for taking the time to participate.

We’ve put together a quick, intriguing multiple-choice quiz that comes after an easy-to-follow, 1-page breakdown of the Committee roles and responsibilities. To get started, just sign into your Smart Strata account and complete your course by 5 pm on Friday, 26th January 2024. No account? No problem! Simply Register Here and you’re in for the challenge. Score 100% and go into the draw to win a bonanza of Google Device Products!

The results are demonstrating the important role Committees play in contributing to a well-oiled and well-informed Strata scheme. We love treating our community, so the prize for this challenge is pretty spectacular! It’s sitting in our office as we speak, ready to be snatched up by one lucky winner! We can’t wait to see who it will be.

This is a great chance if you are a Committee Member already, wanting to be on the Committee or simply want to know more about how a Committee is correctly structured and roles they play.

The closing date for the survey is 5 pm Friday 26th January 2024, so now is your chance to get involved and win big!


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  1. kathleenchristopher196

    I tried to register to complete the challenge but it rejected me as SPAM

  2. marilyn5155

    Hi, am I automatically entered in the draw as I got 100% on the quiz, or do I have to enter separately.


    Marilyn McCallum

    1. Smart Strata Listing Owner

      Hi Marilyn,

      You will be automatically entered in to the draw for the Google products. Thank-you.

      The Smart Strata Team