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In case you missed our last series covering Electric Vehicle Readiness and Capital Funding Explained, see below links to learn what was discussed.

As a recap, we collated your answers to 3 questions on EV readiness across all regions. Here are the results:

Q1: Do you think your building will need EV infrastructure within the next 5 years?

Yes – 46% | No – 15% | Undecided –  39%

Q2: Have you or your Body Corporate investigated electrical capacity requirements for EV charging?

Yes – 35% | No – 60%  | Undecided – 5%

Q3: Do you have safety concerns on EV charging risks?

Yes – 59% | No – 29% | Undecided – 12%

You can read detailed results for each region we previously wrote about here:

Community Education Seminars SEQ Wrap Up!

Community Education Seminars – NQ Wrap Up!

If you attended and would like to add any further feedback, particularly on topics you would like to hear more about, complete our seminar feedback form Here or simply add a reply in the comments section below.

Feel free to complete the survey or comment even if you didn’t attend but would like to let us know what topic is of interest to your community.

This brings us to planning for our next round of seminars we are gearing up for starting in October across the state so lock in the date now in your region!

Designed to educate, engage, and connect with both experts and suppliers these seminars deliver a range of advice that you would ordinarily pay thousands for, and teaches strata committees how to deliver to best practice standards, and they are spread all over Queensland so that you get to be face to face to get your strata questions answered.

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