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We regularly receive emails about actions or behaviour of individuals that is impacting neighbours and others within a strata community. This is often difficult question to deal with as the action of behaviour may not necessarily have a specific by-law that can be relied upon to regulate the issue. When the solution isn’t in the by-laws, we need to consider if the behaviour is socially acceptable outside of a strata environment and if there is any rules or regulation to guide towards remedy. Otherwise, do neighbours simply need to be more considerate towards each other when living within close proximity just like we do (or should do) outside strata communities?

Awareness of social etiquette is important for an individual as it sets out how to behave in the society. Living in a community where an individual is in closer proximity to others than outside of a community, makes the need for adherence to social etiquette even more important. Following a basic level of social etiquette will enable people to get along in their community, to interact in an appropriate way and to enhance communal living. We have set out a few tips for living within a strata community to assist with better awareness of social etiquette needed to live in harmony:

– Read the by-laws. By law, you are obligated to abide by them, and the committee is obligated to enforce them.

–  Be mindful of the volume with which your TV, music, movies, game systems or instruments are being played and the time they are being played.

– Let your neighbours know if you are planning a social event in your unit and agree what time it will conclude

– Keep Australia Beautiful! You have an interest in the common property so don’t damage it, don’t drop litter, and clean up after yourself.

– Pick up after your pet, keep him/her restrained and be conscious that not everyone may share your love for pets

– Park in your designated spaces only. Make alternative arrangements for your boat, caravan, or trailer if necessary.

– Look out for each other and common property. Report irregularities and maintenance issues to your building manager, body corporate manager or committee.

– Check before you commence renovations as you may need approval, and if its ok to proceed, be aware of construction noise and communicate with your neighbours.

– Be mindful of noise transference from hard flooring in apartments (like timber and tiles).

– If you smoke, be conscious of any restrictions and be mindful of smoke drifting into other units.

– The Golden Rule – “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

This article was contributed by Tim Baker, Senior Strata Community Manager, Archers the Strata Professionals

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  1. Leanne Fisher

    My tenant complains of another occupant different unit . Parks his car in the common car park next to her unit. This is ok via the bylaws so long as his garage is not used as a living space – not sure of that. However he leaves at unusual times of day and night and wakes her little daughter who sleeps in the nearby bed room. As Landlord I have told him this and have emailed the estate manager regarding my concerns with no response. What yo do ??