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Much has changed since our previous article that thrust the impacts of construction on apartment ventilation systems into the spotlight.

Who would have known a global pandemic was just around the corner. Temperatures around Australia would hit record highs. Queensland’s property market would accelerate at rapid pace with interstate buyers flocking to the sunshine state in droves to ‘make home’ or invest in our dynamic apartment-living lifestyle.

Pictured: Construction and the pandemic continue to have a direct impact on apartment ventilation systems

Some Bodies Corporate continue to debate it is the Owners responsibility to maintain the Exhaust Ventilation System.

Cleaning the buildings exhaust ventilation system must be prioritised by the Body Corporate and Management teams. The service should form part of a preventative or planned maintenance program. We would encourage you to make the wellbeing of your residents and guests a priority.


QFES recommends maintenance programs on these exhaust ventilation systems and identify and remove potential risks (fire and health) that may accumulate over time.

BCCM advise the Body Corporate is responsible for the maintenance of common property including utility infrastructure.

For residents, tenants and guests in many high-rise apartment buildings, unit complexes, resorts and hotels, these systems continue to remain unserviced, operating inefficiently and failing their intended design and operational specification. As a result, occupants within these properties continue to suffer the impacts of poor ventilation.

Pictured: Maintenance of the exhaust ventilation system should form part of your planned maintenance program

The Global Pandemic continues to strain unkept and poorly maintained Exhaust Ventilation Systems in Apartment Buildings.

2021 highlighted the failures of poorly operating exhaust ventilation systems in apartment letting-pools and quarantine environments, with the media momentarily illuminating the importance of cleaning these integral ventilation systems that exhaust air and odours from apartment toilet, bathroom en-suite and laundry areas.

The pandemics consistent reminder that for optimal physical and mental health, as well as our overall wellbeing,  we need fresh air. Keep safely exercising, keep moving outside, but what about inside, where we live? Let SafeAir help you.



Accelerated construction and infrastructure upgrades continue to stir excessive airborne dust and fibrous material, directly impacting your Ventilation System.

New apartment buildings and developments continue to rise out of the ground such as The Star Residences, Ocean by Meriton, Chevron One and numerous new projects throughout Southern Gold Coast and Brisbane CBD areas.

Major infrastructure upgrades including Brisbane’s Cross River Rail continue to cause nearby apartment owners serious headaches with excessive noise and dust blows directly impacting surrounding buildings.

Resort, hotels and apartment buildings have a duty of care to provide working and adequate exhaust ventilation in bathroom, en suite, toilet and laundry areas for the health and well-being of occupants. Yet years of blockage within apartment ventilation ductwork continues to sit ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

Airborne dust, debris and material content continues to punish apartment ventilation systems via apartment windows, gaps and open doors, we need fresh air.

This article was contributed by Roy Bostock, SafeAir Industrial Services.

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