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Your Online Questions Answered

For those that would like to ask questions from home – we have our facilitators on standby to rush your questions to stage. We can’t promise that we will get through all questions, but we will certainly try and also keep an eye out on upcoming Smart Strata news blogs as we answer them there…

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The role of “Conflict Junkies” in Body Corporate dispute

Most disputes within Bodies Corporate stem from ignorance and miscommunication. Sometimes, however, disputes are caused or perpetuated by “conflict junkies”. As the name suggests, conflict junkies are people that are addicted to conflict. They love sending long, threatening emails. They routinely demand total adherence to their views and wishes. They rarely ask questions, preferring instead…

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Meetings – Decisions vs Politics

This article is written from the perspective of a strata manager. Read on for insights from their side of the meeting room table. You are sitting in another stupefying meeting. The Committee is way off the agenda, wandering far and wide amidst the weeds. You have tried, to no avail, to bring them back to…

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Community Education Seminars – NQ Recap

Last week the debate roadshow travelled to North Queensland with great success and resounding feedback that the format was both engaging and informative. Jason Carlson (Grace Lawyers), Trevor Rawnsley (ARAMA) and Mario Esera (HWL Ebsworth) delivered their respective viewpoints and strategies for achieving harmony within strata schemes while debate facilitator Chris Irons (Strata Solve) looked…

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