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Calling all Strata Champions

Is strata suffering from a leadership crisis… Why is it so difficult to get strata buildings to make decisions on anything but routine or emergency issues?  Many strata stakeholders are frustrated by it but there are few solutions.  In this article I revisit some older research that considers the idea of finding, cultivating, and encouraging…

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How to Manage Noise in Strata Living

One of the most common complaints received in strata management is to do with noise. It’s understandable that in close proximity living, noise has a knack for traveling through ceilings, walls and across balconies. It is only to be expected that you will sometimes hear some noise from your neighbours, pets, and construction or building…

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Check in QLD App Requirements

From 1.00am Friday 9 July 2021, registration for a number of businesses to hold a ‘Check in QLD App’ comes into effect so that collection of data to facilitate contract tracing is in place.  This will replace the requirement for COVID19 management plans. Where our clients have leisure and recreation facilities, such as gyms, health…

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Budgeting Tips for the New Financial Year

As we head into a new financial year and Christmas rapidly approaches it is important to set yourself up financially and budget for expenses you don’t often think about – like body corporate fees. If you own an apartment or are looking to invest in one, you are required to pay body corporate fees, commonly…

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