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Are Buildings Getting Taller?

Australian Strata Buildings are Getting Taller Or, so says the Australian Bureau of Statistics … From low rise walk-up strata apartment blocks in the 60’s and 70’s, we’ve seen bigger and bigger strata complexes each decade. But, they’ve also been getting taller and taller as the ABS’ analysis demonstrates. Introduction I’ve written about the advantages…

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Buying Out the Building Manager

Can a body corporate “buy out” the building manager? Let me start out by making this observation – sometimes it’s tricky to figure out what someone is really asking. Perhaps because of a language barrier… like the time I went to lunch with my friend Scott to a Japanese restaurant (don’t jump to conclusions just…

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Who are the Vaccination Police?

Down the vaccination rabbit hole For those who can remember their childhood, Alice in Wonderland was quite the trip. But that mind-bending exercise in pretzel logic is nothing compared with the rabbit hole we are all about to enter with COVID-19 vaccination in strata communities. The Cheshire cat said to Alice, ‘If you don’t know…

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What is a Gallery Vie Clause?

A plain and simple explanation of a Gallery Vie clause It really doesn’t exist, unless you think a building manager saying “It’s a simple clause the bank wants that will have no impact on the body corporate whatsoever” is all the explanation a committee ever needs.  If you are looking for a more digestible explanation…

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