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Seminar Wrap-Up

Last week saw the last stop of our Community Education Seminars roadshow, finishing up at the Greek Club in South Brisbane.

Like the previous 5 seminars, the debate was received well by all in attendance.

Jason Carlson (Grace Lawyers), Trevor Rawnsley (ARAMA), and Mario Esera (HWL Ebsworth) delivered their respective viewpoints and strategies for achieving harmony within strata schemes while debate facilitator Chris Irons (Strata Solve) looked for holes in their arguments and provided his own insights based on his experience as Former Commissioner for the Office for Body Corporate and Community.

While the content has been similar in each location our audiences have been excellent at taking different views on each argument. Sunshine Coast saw former ARAMA National President, Eric Van Meurs take the win. Gold Coast saw a draw between Trevor Rawnsley CEO of ARAMA and James Nickless, Partner, Chambers Russell Lawyers with Jason Carlson only narrowly missing out on a three-way tie by a point!  Each of our debaters took out a win in North Queensland with Airlie Beach most aligned with Trevor Rawnsley (ARAMA), Townsville voted most favourably for Jason Carlson (Grace Lawyers), and Mario winning Cairns. Our most recent and final seminar in Brisbane saw Trevor Rawnsley most popular with the audience.

While a winner is voted at each seminar it is encouraging for all that the general intent amongst attendees and panelists alike is to create harmony in a scheme, to treat each other respectfully, and work in good faith in the best interests of the scheme.  The whole purpose of this seminar series was to explore together how that was possible.

We were beyond thrilled to have not only an incredible panel of speakers and a wide range of exhibitor partners but also such high attendance at all locations. This seminar series saw over 500 registrations come through, an incredible response from the community.

We were very grateful to have so much support at all locations and were happy to be able to provide our attendees with the opportunity to mix and mingle with our exhibitor partners. A special giveaway was awarded at each event to a lucky respondent who completed the exhibitor passport.  We are excited to announce the winners were:

  • Sunshine Coast– Vicki N from Magnolia Lane
  • Gold Coast- Judy H from Aqua
  • Airlie Beach – Kim from Le Jarden
  • Townsville – Graham from Castle Waters
  • Cairns – Marg from The Keys
  • Brisbane – Tina from Coorparoo Square

Again, a big thank you to all our Exhibitors who got involved.

For those of you that missed the seminars or would like to re-watch and/or pass it on to friends, colleagues or committee members you can now do so thanks to Dulux, O’Brein Glass & Archers the strata professionals! The Community education seminar is now available for you to watch. You can find it here.

With all that said, it is now time to close off on the Strata Community Education Seminar Great Debate roadshow. It has been an absolute pleasure to not only help educate and inform but also to learn with you all. A final thank you to all involved and we look forward to seeing you all at our next seminar series in October.

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