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Survey Results In!

You have helped us help you! 

A big thank you to over 800 people who took the time out of your busy schedule to share your thoughts and concerns. Your feedback will help enable us to create invaluable information for our readers.

The results have shown a diverse range of opinions within the Strata communities and have raised multiple valued ideas and topics to research and report on- for this, we thank you!

The top 3 major concerns for body corporate complexes are;

  1. Rising costs
  2. By law breaches by inconsiderate neighbours
  3. Building defects.

Interestingly the top topics you would like to see written about more in 2022 are;

  • Body Corporate legislation – education, updates and impacts
  • Costs – reducing costs, transparency of costs, budgeting and planning 
  • Maintenance – contractor obligations, committee obligations, defects, renovations and repairs 

Of course the big topic of pets, parking, parties and passive smoking received a myriad of responses and showed how contentious these topics are based on the strong and differing opinions received.


Another dominating theme from the survey was the need for better communication to aid in your understanding of your body corporate complex and understanding body corporate in general.  Smart Strata hopes that we can play a significant role in bridging that gap for you.  

Your input has provided us with 12 months worth of article topics that we can gather from our contributors each week.

As a reward for completing our Body Corporate Owners Survey, survey participants that chose to, went into the draw to win a Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen Smart Display.

Congratulations to the winner of this prize: Ms Linda S.  Your Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen Smart Display is on its way! 

Again we thank you all for your input, it is greatly appreciated.

At Smart Strata our goal is to provide the latest strata news and events, the best educational tools on the market and to be the most informative resource in the Body Corporate industry.  We pride ourselves on delivering timely, relevant and educational information to connect the strata community.

We are looking forward to a big year ahead covering the issues that matter to you most!

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  1. Allan Jones

    Parking is a problem but the car should be towed. This will stop it.
    Air B/B should NOT be allowed unless all residents agree to it.

  2. Judi Weston

    Another few questions that could’ perhaps be put to lot owners-

    1. Would you buy another property in a Body Corporate situation?

    2. Would you buy another property in a Body Corporate situation where there is a signed 25 yr agreement with a contractor (who will receive a very generous monthly wage with annual CPI adjustments) to maintain the Common Areas?

    3. Do you agree that a large portion of the Common grounds can be given away to any person by way of long term Lease

    4.Do you agree that a committee member should be removed from the committee without a reason?

    1. Smart Strata Listing Owner

      Thanks for the suggestions Judi.

  3. Rod Newport

    While I was interested in filling out the survey, I found that it related most strongly to the Building Format and did little to address the Standard Format and the issues that exist therein. One of the biggest issues is building maintenance, but under the Standard Format and as described in the QLD Act, this is the responsibility of the Lot Owner, not the committee. Typically many Lot Owners, particularly investor owners, do not take good care of their Lot. This then lowers the standard of the complex and consequently lowers the value of the Lots.